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You got to learn about Carrie as a person. Carries life would never be the same, he said. Our friendship never changed. Gavin de Becker, who was also part of the Beverly Hills group, delivered deeply heartfelt remarks in which he remembered Fishers electric presence as a teenager. We all had a crush on Carrie like you wouldnt believe, he said. They would go down the hallway together singing Puttin on the Ritz, her life was touched with glamour, he said. Carries life was a walk with great people, he said. Her parties were legendary. De Becker also noted Fishers habit of revealing herself, warts and all, and how it made her a symbol of acceptance and of womens power. She showed, he said, that its possible to be dignified, and even elegant, in that mess. Related: Carrie Fishers Brother Brings Prozac Pill-Shaped Urn to Debbie Reynolds Funeral Reynolds friends also spoke about her lifelong love of dance and her support for charities. Of special note was her support for the mental health of returning veterans, a cause that arose from her USO tours during the Korean War. I have great respect for Debbie Reynolds. I felt a kinship with her personally, said Leytes Styles, a fan from Simi Valley who showed up at7:30 a.m.for the1 p.m.service. Styles and her friend were lined up alongside Star Wars fans.