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Part of the reason for this is because both sides are guilty of homogenising British Muslims; terms like the Muslim community are woefully unhelpful, outdated and do a great disservice to the highly diverse and complex picture that exists among Britains three million Muslims. There quite simply is no single community. Yet when language is so important, this term is repeatedly used by politicians, the media and sometimes by Muslims themselves. These entrenched positions cloud our inability to recognise the reality about British Muslims. We fail to recognise the emerging positive trend: how young Muslims are excelling and contributing in many fields, whether in the arts, music, politics, fashion, the arts and drama. They serve in the Armed Forces and the police, work in the NHS and, much to the displeasure of Islamists, are patriotic, rejecting wholesale the idea of an Islamic caliphate. But there also exists a negative trend among some British Muslims, albeit smaller yet highly significant. When third generation British Muslims inspired by Islamist belief want to join Isis or seek to carry out attacks in London because of their hatred for Britain, hard questions about identity, integration and belonging need to be asked.

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